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Our Prices for Debt Collection

Our price depends upon a number of factors and, in particular, whether it is necessary to take court proceedings to recover the debt. 

These variables are taken into account in our pricing to ensure that we remain competitive and that our prices fairly reflect the work involved. We are always happy to provide a bespoke fee estimate free of charge which can be requested by calling us on 01442 890111 or by emailing us at


Unlike some, we do not aim to be the cheapest since, in our experience, this usually results in compromises to the quality and efficiency of the service. We firmly believe that our prices represent good value for money and ensure that we are able to offer the service our clients have come to expect.


Our standard prices are set out on this page. Please note that all prices are exclusive of VAT and disbursements - i.e. payments made to others on your behalf such as court fees and process server’s fees. We reserve the right to increase our standard price if the matter becomes unusually time-consuming or complex or, of course, if the nature of our instructions changes - e.g. if you ask us to carry out additional work.


If the debt is disputed, the standard prices to the right will not apply. Instead, we will provide you with a fee estimate once we have reviewed the matter and can assess the likely work involved.


Standard Prices

• £150 for writing a formal letter of claim

• £200 for preparing a statutory demand


• £300 for issuing court proceedings for claims with a value up to £10,000


• £500 for issuing court proceedings for claims with a value between £10,001 to £50,000


• £750 for issuing court proceedings for claims with a value between £50,001 to £100,000


• £75 for entering judgment in default

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