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We offer an efficient and cost-effective debt collection service.


Are you struggling to collect money due to you? Is the debtor simply avoiding you or coming up with a stream of excuses? In many cases, an initial letter of claim from us will do the trick. With persistent debtors, we can carry out pre-issue searches and enquiries to establish whether the debtor is worth suing - there is nothing more frustrating than obtaining a court judgment only to discover that the debtor has no assets to satisfy the debt.


We can also advise you regarding your own credit control procedures and draft your Terms & Conditions of Business so as to maximise your contractual entitlements – for example, do you have the right to charge interest on overdue bills and do you have a reservation of title clause which ensures that any goods remain your property until paid for in full?


Our services include:

  • Letters of Claim

  • Statutory Demands

  • Court Action

  • County Court and High Court Enforcement

  • Drafting Terms & Conditions of Business

Stacks of Coins

We can issue proceedings on-line to save time and cost and take all steps necessary to enforce any judgment. In many cases we can offer a fixed-fee service.

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